About the Bowl

From what I’ve observed from my years in agriculture, farm kids fall into two categories: the super-athletic kids, whose parents spend a lot of time running them to sporting events, and those whose parents don’t have time to run them around. I come from a long line of the former, so sports were never an important part of my life.

However, I am impressed by attractive men, so that’s usually how I pick the team to cheer. In my eyes, this year’s Super Bowl came down to Tom Brady versus Eli Manning. I picked Brady, thus I half-heartedly rooted for the Patriots when I flipped between Dexter, Shark and Cold Case. But my heart really belongs to Peyton and I must say there wasn’t anything more endearing than seeing the elated reaction of the elder Manning when Eli completed that touchdown pass that clinched the win for the Giants.

Either way, they’ve all appeared in got milk? ads, so they’re all okay in my book.



  1. Pocklock Said:

    I still can’t talk about this. I’m focusing on Spring Training. I need to leave football behind me until September.

    (But Tom is way hotter than any Manning!)

  2. J P Said:

    Tom is HOT! But Peyton’s personality? Totally wins 🙂

  3. Nic Said:

    Peyton is just adorable. Did you see him on SNL?

  4. J P Said:

    LOVED that episode! Probably one of the best in recent years. And his commercials?! Awesome.

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