I’ve always been an independent person. I can eat, watch a movie, shop alone, without giving it a second thought. I moved to Philadelphia a little more than a year ago and haven’t yet developed a group of friends, or even one or two, that I can draft into doing fun things around the town. I am a member of my sorority’s alumnae chapter, and we have fun social outings several times a month, but outside that I don’t have many social outlets.

I was a joiner in high school and college. Band, musical, yearbook, sorority, Panhel, newspaper, TV station, radio station, etc. I had a built-in set of friends, even if I wasn’t close with all of them. But when shoved into the real world, in a new city, in an office with only about 15 people (of which most are older than 40), how do you go about making friends? I know it’s about getting out, but it’s so intimidating to go to something by yourself for the first time. And let’s not even talk about dating. Any advice?

On an unrelated note, is anyone else psyched about tomorrow night’s SNL? Maybe it is related, because I’ll be at home, watching TV, on a Saturday night. Hmmmm…


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