On Notice: NBC and maybe CBS

Before moving to the City of Brotherly Love, I lived in a northern Virginia suburb for two years. Like Philadelphia, I moved to the city not knowing anyone. I worked for a small company in a small building and was the youngest employee until they hired a 19-year-old receptionist. Friendships were hard to forge because of the transient nature of the area.

About six months after I moved to Virginia, a sorority sister was hired as a teacher and moved within 45 minutes of me. We started getting together a couple of times a week for dinner, but that got expensive, especially when we just received our first “real” jobs and had to pay northern Virginia rents. Eventually we decided to do dinner and a TV show, alternating weeks at each others’ houses. The show? Las Vegas.

Every Monday we would push our culinary skills to the limit and test out new recipes and always included dessert.  NBC moved Las Vegas to Fridays after the first year, so we chose to “Suit up!” with the awesome How I Met Your Mother the following fall. Then the opportunity to advance my career moved me to Philly so our dinner and a TV show nights came to a decidedly non-awesome end.

When I read these articles, I might have shed a tear. Please help save these shows! I find them immeasurably more entertaining than most of the reality and game shows on television these days.  You can slap bet on it!

PS-Check out Barney’s Blog. You won’t be sorry!


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