Free Falling

I’m having a really hard time reconciling how I’m supposed to feel about something with how I can’t help feel about that something.

Someone very close to me forged a friendship with a coworker that appears to have crossed boundaries.  I recently attended an interpersonal communications class that taught me to ASK why someone didn’t say good morning to me, instead of ASSUMING that that person was mad at me and what did I do and why is that person so sensitive, blah blah blah. Ask, don’t jump to conclusions, was the moral of the story. But I can’t ask what I think I need to know.

That’s what I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around. This person’s actions do not affect me, not directly. My life isn’t affected. But the lives of people I care about are affected. The Bible says we shouldn’t cast stones unless we are sinless. I’m far from sinless. But I still want to throw stones at this person for being do damn dumb. I can’t ask, so I’m jumping. I’ve lost respect for this person. I caught this person I love in a lie that begs for conclusion jumping. My stomach is in knots and I can’t stop the images running through my mind.

The lesson I’ve learned from this mess is this: You don’t lie when you have nothing to hide.



  1. jessica Said:

    ooooh that’s not promising for me – i have a 1 year old party to plan!! i love your blog.

  2. jessica Said:

    oops! i left a comment in the wrong spot! sorry – well on this post – this is a great post. i can relate.

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