Burning Questions

I’m trying to get a consumer’s perspective on dairy farming for a work project. Since I grew up on a dairy farm and know a lot about it, I’m trying to gauge what consumers want to know about on-farm practices. What are some questions you have about dairy farming? Do you want to know what cows eat? Where they sleep? How long before the milk is taken to the processing plant? Thanks for your help!



  1. Pocklock Said:

    Are the cows friendly? Can you pet them and love them?

    Someone once told me that they all go back in the barn at night in the same order, is this true?

    How much milk can you get from one cow?

    Hope that helps! Me loves cows.

  2. Sara Said:

    This may be ignorant, but I truly don’t know. Why are some cows white and some black? And I do know that it’s not white/chocolate milk, I’m not THAT ignorant 🙂

  3. Sara Said:

    Or better yet (I wish there was an editing feature for stupid comments I’ve left – gah!), what’s the difference between the white and black cows. Is there any?

  4. jessica Said:

    i actually spent a few summers on a dairy farm… but i have questions… how often are the farms inspected, if at all? and for what?

  5. […] March 10, 2008 @ 8:53 am } · { Uncategorized } { } Thanks for all the great questions about cows!  I’ve tried to answer them the best I can, but feel free to ask […]

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