I went to happy hour(s) Friday night with a group of friends. The bar was fabulous (Urban Saloon in the Fairmount section), and the company was awesome, although the name lies-no country music! There were swinging saloon doors, though. The bar area was packed, but we were able to get a table and ordered dinner and drinks. No one was brave enough to try the bacon burger with peanut butter, but the food was good… it even offered your choice of fries or tater tots!

One friend invited another couple of friends, one of which turned out to be someone’s a former coworker (details are a little fuzzy). The coworker was a close talker. He seemed nice enough, but I just wasn’t that into him, as the saying goes. Throughout our conversation I noticed he got closer, so I would inch back. He inched forward. I inched back. And so on. It wasn’t even that loud! Eventually someone distracted us which gave me an excuse to escape Close Talker. I ask: How do you politely discourage the close talker?


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