9021-Oh Heck Yes

To this day, whenever I mention that I have an new interest, you can bet your biscuit that everything associated with that interest will appear in my Christmas present pile. My mom, bless her, tends to go a little overboard because she loves us and wants us to be happy and surrounded by the things in which we express an minor interest. One year it was NKOTB, another sunflowers. More recently stars, but unfortunately I’m still waiting for a new Canon lens.

At an age probably completely inappropriate for the drama that unfolded, I fell in love with Beverly Hills, 90210. I never missed an episode and developed a deep crush on Dylan McKay. (I love you, Luke Perry!) I had a Brandon sweatshirt (she didn’t always get things right), a beach towel (I think it’s still floating around, somewhere) and a calendar/poster that graced my wood-paneled walls for YEARS.

Let’s not tell her I might become addicted to the spinoff. People might point and laugh at the 26-year-old in a 90210: The New Class sweatshirt.



  1. Sara Said:

    My mom does the same thing! My sister declared that she liked penguins, and my mom “adopted” a penguin for her and got her penguin flannel sheets. When my sister was 28. God love moms.

    Oh – and I’ll have to check out this new spin-off đŸ™‚

  2. J P Said:

    I’m pretty psyched. Especially since it’s from Rob Thomas.. I was a huge Veronica Mars fan.

  3. Oh how I loved Dylan!! and I’m totally with you on wanting a new Canon lens. I have been plotting ways to justify buying one but can’t seem to come up with a good reason other than “I want one”

  4. paintingchef Said:

    I have tears of pride my friend.

    Welcome to the dark side.

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