On Mud Sales and Whoopie Pies

It was almost like a high school reunion, as it is every year. Complete with the homecoming king, girls basketball stars, Miss Most Spirited and the one who got knocked up, the annual mud sale is a great opportunity to catch up with those who remember you at your most awkward. Toss in that guy, and you have a recipe for the best day ever. /sarcasm.

It was the annual mud sale to benefit the local volunteer fire company. I’ve gone for the past few years, and it’s always the same: catch up with the people you saw for thirteen straight years, Monday through Friday, September through mid-June, without all the bullshit that is synonymos with high school. We catch up for a few minutes but have the perfect excuse to move on when the conversation becomes stilted. I didn’t see much for sale that I wanted to buy, so I volunteered in the kitchen for a little while.

However, I made up for my thrifty ways the next day when I hit the outlets. Bass was having a huge sale, plus an extra 25 percent off. Ouch.

Before that, I ate my weight in whoopie pies and shoo fly pie. Gluttony is fabulous and delicious.



  1. Janet Said:

    And what is shoo fly pie exactly?

  2. J P Said:

    It’s basically six types of sugar in a pie crust, and it’s delicious. Legend has it that it was created by the Amish as a decoy pie, to keep pies off the “real” pies.

    According to Wikipedia, as of July 2006, “I break for Shoofly Pie” is the official bumper sticker of the state of Pennsylvania.

    Here’s Wiki’s definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoo_fly_pie.

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