There’s a Tear…

I don’t define myself as a reality TV fan. But as I sit here watching America’s Next Top Model, reflecting on last night’s The Biggest Loser, I might need to review that assessment.

Did anyone else get a tear in his or her eye last night when Tim Gunn dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief on TBL? One of the brothers started sobbing when his wife surprised him at the runway show and Timmy got a little teary. It was sweet.

Not so sweet? Tyra just called out one of the ANTM contestants for not shaving her pits. Someone shouldn’t be throwing stones.



  1. Pocklock Said:

    I never got into this show. Fashion was never my thing (I still dress like I did in High School minus the tie-dye and dancing bear patches) so I guess I just never thought I’d find it interesting.

    However, it’s all ANYONE can talk about and now I feel like I’m missing out! I guess it’s time to reprogram TiVo…

  2. J P Said:

    I don’t get high-fashion either, but ANTM isn’t really about fashion, it’s more of a look at what goes into being a model: how hard it really is to stand there and make the photos. Plus awesome catfights. MTV was running marathons on the weekends… I don’t have cable so I don’t know if it still is. Watch a good episode and you’ll be SUCKED IN! LOL.

  3. I watched the show once and I actually got a rerun where he was emotional and I was surprised – it looks like a fun and addicting show though!

  4. Aimee Said:

    sadly, I plan my wednesday nights around ANTM. LOL Although, they have a pretty unmemorable crowd this year and have picked really BAD winners over the last um, forever too. 🙂

  5. omg, I have never watched TBL but I caught it for the first time last night.

    And yes, I did get a little teary-eyed! Those people worked so hard – it was amazing and inspirational.

  6. I thought the reunions were sweet but that man was outright sobbing. I thought he was a little over the top. I LOVE reality TV!

  7. i absolutely LOVE tim gunn. he is the sweetest guy in reality tv.

  8. Jamie Said:

    Tyra makes me crazy. I LOVE Tim Gunn though. LOVE.

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