Land of the Lost

Two Christmases ago, my mom (who I’ve mentioned tends to go a little overboard) went all GPS crazy on our asses and purchased me a Garmin car GPS and my youngest sister a handheld Magellan. She was introduced to geocaching at school and fell in love with the adventure of a good treasure hunt using coordinates. The one opportunity we seized to geocache that Christmas break ended with us almost getting shot and a run through the woods, pursued by yipping dogs.

The Monday after Easter, the stars aligned (she remembered to bring home her GPS) and we headed to a nearby park. Armed with coordinates for three caches, we set out on a trail marked easy. It was, but one trail lead to another as we tracked our treasures (a dollar and a dime). We found the first cache after minimal searching, the second cache was a two-parter and we gave up searching through mountain laurels for the second half, and the third cache was almost in plain sight. However, the trail from 2b to 3 was rocky and pretty much straight downhill. Which meant the return trip would be straight uphill.

We were pretty tired at this point so we surveyed our options: follow the trial, which appeared to be all uphill, or climb a fierce bank and take the road back to the park entrance. We were only half a mile from our car, as the bird flies. We decided to take the easy route and scaled the bank, encountering many snake holes along the way.

On the road, a couple hills from where we started, my sister reached to check the time and realized her phone must have fallen out as we dodged snakes. “Screw it. I have insurance,” she said. “But it sucks to lose all those numbers.”

Then we see the sign: Park Entrance 2 miles.

I just found this on the park’s Web site:

The 0.7-mile Five Points Trail is moderately difficult and features rhododendron and views of creek valleys.

At one point as we trudged through the rolling hills of the Lancaster County countryside, surrounded by fields and forest, I mentioned I felt like we were on the set of The Hills Have Eyes.

Finally we found the park and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pump our legs on the swings and I HAD to go down the slide. As we left the park, I convinced my sister to go back to the hill and at least attempt to look for the phone. There it sat, about 10 feet down the hill, right near the drainage pipe.

“Damn. I just spend two miles getting excited about my new phone,” she said.

We hiked and walked 4.59 miles that day. I planned on going to the gym that night, but decided it probably wasn’t necessary.



  1. Pocklock Said:

    Yeah. I’d say that 4.59 miles is a free pass from the gym! For me, if I make it to the top of the stairs I think that’s enough for me!

  2. Angela Said:

    Wow, I feel exhausted after just reading about this! Good for you guys!

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