Monday Misery

Fair warning: this is a pity party post.

Three reasons the last three days sucked:

1. Tree trimming on major interstates. I was an hour and a half late for a scholarship fund raising luncheon because PennDOT decided to trim trees along the Schuylkill, tying up traffic all Saturday morning. We did not see the alleged tree trimming crews, but there were freshly sheared trees to suggest they had been there at some point. We got there just as  they were serving lunch. Bright side: I won a raffle basket filled with baby goodies that will make awesome presents for the zillion upcoming baby showers and pregnancy parties. (Aside-what is a pregnancy party? I guess I’ll find out Saturday morning. Pocklock? I’ll let you know if you need to have one.) Also got to eat a delicious vegetarian pasta and mushroom dish coveted by the carnivores at my table. Lesson to all: always, ALWAYS order the vegetarian dish at a hotel meeting. It’s always the best. My meal totally kicked the ass of the card deck piece of chicken (proper servings size, I know) and steamed spinach with three slivers of roasted red peppers (definitely not a full serving of veggies).

2.  90-day return policies. This doesn’t even really affect me; my sister asked me to return some things to that store with the super annoying commercials. But it was great than 90 days since she made the purchase and the manager refused to accept the return. I have grounds to call and complain about the store. It was a disaster area. They must have been in the middle of a floor move and there was barely any merchandise and huge sections of empty fixtures. Bright side: free chocolate and peanut butter candy at Gertrude Hawk! Yummy! And then I ran 3.5 miles, which might be the farthest I’ve run. (I can’t remember.)

3. Backstabbers. It’s one of those things that you’re not supposed to talk about on your blog. I’m having a hard time being myself (aka keeping my foot out of my mouth) and playing the game of office politics. I keep getting talked to, and I feel like a huge failure. I might have cried. I just don’t understand why I’m so easy to confront, but those who wrong me get away with it all the time. I’m not a tattletale, but recent events make me consider going to the dark side. Bright side: NEW! HIMYM and wine. Lots of wine.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading my bitching. I really do feel better now. Although it could be because of the wine. But I feel less like crying! How was your weekend?


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