Tiny baby clothes, soft receiving blankets, crisp white socks, mounds of diapers and piles of wipes. All great ideas for a baby shower, but what do you take to a pregnancy party? My friend is entering her second trimester and her college friends are throwing a party to pamper her through the rest of her pregnancy. What’s one thing, available at Wal Mart or Target (it’s Saturday, no time for the mall), that would get you through the next six months as you grow a human in your uterus? I’m looking for something beyond maternity clothes and cocoa butter. Insight from those current in this predicament is especially appreciated.


As I see it, there are X main tools that you use in an office bathroom: light switch, toilet, soap dispenser, sink, paper towel dispenser. You can only make 4 touch-free. Which should remain hands-on?


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  1. Pocklock Said:

    What a cool idea! A pregnancy party!

    You’d think I’d have a million ideas for you, but hmmm. The only things I can think of are ways to make her have the ability to rest more. I hate going to the grocery store so maybe if I had a personal shopper that would be cool. Also, a maid. Because I’m just too tired to dust. Who am I kidding. I never dusted before I got pregnant.

    Just try to think about what you would do if you literally had NO energy to move and you normal household duties went out the window.

    Good luck!

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