Recommended: Pregnancy Parties

In this crazy world of six degree of separation, a girl I worked with at a summer camp happens to be really good friends with one of my best friends from high school. It wasn’t until Summer Camp Girl’s wedding that I reconnected with High School Friend and it was almost like things picked up right where they left off. Now we get together every now and then to catch up.

HSF hosted this weekend’s pregnancy party for SCG and it was awesome. If you’re pregnant, hope to one day be pregnant, or have a pregnant friend or relative, I highly recommend them. It was basically a party to give the pregnant woman (SCG) a bunch of gifts to get her through the next two trimesters. She got a lot of pretty maternity clothes, cocoa butter, jewelry, books and a cravings kit (from me). There were no games, just yummy food and great conversation.

The rest of my weekend was like a smack in the face, though. So something to make me smile would be really appreciated.



  1. Lindsay Said:

    Totally love this idea!

  2. Sara Said:

    Ooh – I would like to have a party and get books, jewelery and a “cravings kit,” too!

    Do I have to be pregnant? Cuz I’m pretty sure I’d like that right now.

    Great idea!

  3. What a cute idea! I love any excuse to get together with my girls so next one that gets pregnant is going to get one of these parties!

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