Not recommended: Ironing when not wearing pants

I was inspired by Jennsylvania’s post yesterday about what she’s been wrong about. Here’s my short list (I’m frequently wrong; I might revisit this as I remember things):

  • Not wearing pants while ironing. Saturday morning as I pulled the iron down the leg of the pants I planned to wear, close to my real leg, I felt a tingling sensation. I was standing a little too close to the ironing board and the metal part made contact with my upper thigh. There’s a very red welt, but I’ll save you the horror that is my chubby, ghost-white upper leg. All this happened after I lived through a spider bite Friday night. (And this isn’t even what made my weekend suck.)
  • Falling left eye first into concrete steps. While drunk. At 3 a.m. Outside your sorority house. It doesn’t make you many friends and the scar tissue never completely goes away. Thankfully I only hit the edge of my eye socket… not damage to my vision.
  • Soybeans. Edamame is so yummy! Can’t get behind the soy beverage though.
  • Wine and beer. I resisted both in college but have come to appreciate them. Beer especially is so much cheaper than the fruity drinks… usually less calories, too.
  • Harry Potter. Never got the hype but now I’m hooked. I’m almost finished Prisoner of Azkaban. Netflix is sending the first DVD today!
  • The Biggest Loser. It’s one of my favorite shows now. It’s so inspiring and I’ve teared up the past couple of weeks.

What were you wrong about?


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