Coming ’round the bend

Dear Pandora,

I love you, I really do. You provide hours of listening pleasure as I toil away the days at work. I love being able to give a big thumbs up or smack down a song that gets on my last nerve. It’s all about the surprise beyond the scrollbar.

But I really wonder about you. What in my listening history would make you think it’s a great idea to go from Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy to Wake Up by The Arcade Fire to Lowlife by Scanners on an album called Violence is Golden? Here’s a hint: I pretty much only like country, with maybe a little Bon Jovi or New Kids on the Block tossed in for good measure. Please save that hardcore stuff for someone who really appreciates it and is wondering why Kenny Chesney keeps coming up.



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  1. cass Said:

    This is so funny! I often wonder the same thing. If I’m listening to my Frank Sinatra station I always get some really random song in there….part of me wonders if its a test to see if I’m paying attention. On Friday it was Billie Jean by Micheal Jackson….I don’t see the connection but I love Pandora so very much that I’m willing to overlook this slight indiscretions.

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