Spin Cycle

A light curtain of rain was falling. puddles of brown water pocked the surface of the Pennsylvania Turnpike as I returned this afternoon from my friend’s baby shower in Pittsburgh. I was weighing the pros and cons of a new job that might be offered to my sister as I sped across the Commonwealth.

Suddenly I was hurling toward the concrete barrier that separated me from the west-bound lanes of traffic. I jerked the wheel to the right and slammed on the brakes. My life flashed before my eyes and I screamed repeatedly. The car made a 360-degree circle and continued another 90 degrees, the back wheels moved down the rumble strips as my car continued East-bound, sideways. I finally came to a stop and looked out the driver’s side window to see a gold car and a tractor trailer flashing their four-ways. My sister’s voice streamed from the cell phone clutched in my right hand, near the gear shift.

Television shows, books and “safety ed” teachers tried to impress upon me the proper way to handle such a situation, but as the khaki concrete loomed in front of me, my mind was blank. Maybe someone should invent a Wii game to simulate hazardous driving conditions so I’ll be prepared for the third time I do a 360 in precipitation. (If such a product hits the market let me know. I’ll buy a Wii.)


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  1. Wow, that’s a scary ride home! I’m glad you’re okay. You better patent that idea for a Wii game – it’s a good one.

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