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Tiny baby clothes, soft receiving blankets, crisp white socks, mounds of diapers and piles of wipes. All great ideas for a baby shower, but what do you take to a pregnancy party? My friend is entering her second trimester and her college friends are throwing a party to pamper her through the rest of her pregnancy. What’s one thing, available at Wal Mart or Target (it’s Saturday, no time for the mall), that would get you through the next six months as you grow a human in your uterus? I’m looking for something beyond maternity clothes and cocoa butter. Insight from those current in this predicament is especially appreciated.


As I see it, there are X main tools that you use in an office bathroom: light switch, toilet, soap dispenser, sink, paper towel dispenser. You can only make 4 touch-free. Which should remain hands-on?


Philly Findings

Overheard on the bus this morning:

“I just started wearing a girdle.”


I told my family over Easter about Mayor Nutter’s plan to clean up the city. I must have phrased the plan in a way that made it seem like I was working directly with the Mayor on this project, so some minor teasing ensued.

Because I’m not going to be in town this weekend, I just cleaned up all the crap that blew into my postage stamp-sized back yard. It’s amazing how much junk accumulated in that corner, by the back door and chain link fence. There were empty cans of cat food, soda cans, paper towels, fast food cups, cardboard boxes, pieces of metal and tons of paper.

One piece of paper contained someone’s to-do list. Amongst the diapers to pick up and litter box to clean was a note about Bitter is the New Black by one of my favorite bloggers.
If you’re in Philadelphia this Saturday, help the Mayor and me clean it up! If you’re not in Philly this weekend, make your current location a little more beautiful by picking up litter. You never know where you’ll find reference to your blog.


I couldn’t have clashed more today if I tried.

It was rainy this morning, so I wore my black and white polka dotted rain boots with my coral and white polka dotted dress (I love that dress, but my sisters asked me why I raided Minnie Mouse’s closet and my dad said it hurts his eyes. My family’s portrait is in Webster’s, right next to supportive.) to the bus stop.

Because Philadelphians can’t drive in drizzle, I was 15 minutes late to work. I set down my bags and reached for my shoes and… oops. They were sitting at home, right by the door.

So I had to wear the hot pink flip flops stashed under my desk from a summertime commute. With my coral polka dotted dress.  Luckily we don’t get many visitors in our office.

PS-Target has the cutest rain boots. They make me wish I didn’t have a pair.  Also? Wedding gowns. Seriously?

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