A Troop I’d Rather Not Join

I wrote this last night but saved the draft when I remembered it was my sister’s birthday so the timing won’t make sense but I’m too lazy to change it.


My fingers are shaking with excitement to finally have access to Internet for the first time since Saturday morning! I went to see my mama for Mother’s Day and then headed to Gettysburg for a conference. The following is a collection of random thoughts because I’m too fried for more.

Do do do do… do do do do… chu chu.

Just saw a commercial for the new 90210!


What’s awesome? Robotic dairy farms.

What’s not so awesome? Touring the Gettysburg battlefield in the rain. Thanks, company-mandated fun time.


Anyone watching Farmer Wants a Wife?

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the show since I was contacted by the casting agent just after I started my job, a little more than a year ago. In a way, I helped cast it! (She wanted help locating the farmer.) I’ve been meaning to catch it but tonight’s the first opportunity I’ve had.


“We thought you were a Girl Scout leader,” said the hillbilly in the hotel’s bar. “We thought you were asking about the next troop meeting.”

I had just paid for four Dirty Girl Scout shots. It’s probably the best shot ever. Do people where they came from frequently hold Girl Scout meetings in hotel bars?


Do you have any random thoughts to share?



  1. Sara Said:

    Aside from the rain, how was Gettysburg? My husband wants to go on a Civil War battlefield vacation – it’ll likely happen in a couple of years.

    I’m embarrassed to say I spent 99% of my life in Ohio and have not seen Gettysburg or Antietam (or many others nearby).

    We went to the Battle of Little Bighorn this past fall and it was amazing.

    Dirty Girl Scouts? Interesting!!

  2. Isabel Said:

    Dude, they have 90210 commercials?

    Gotta run…have to scour the internet looking for them…

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