Like money? Whip up a smoothie!

I was cruising across the Ben Franklin Bridge toward the Garden State when I heard a thump and then an obnoxious, annoying rattling sound started to drown out the Prime Country streaming from my new Sirius radio. Technical automotive speak that I don’t understand aside, something that attaches the top of my car’s strut to the car broke or something. In any event, it’s going to cost a few Benjamins, especially when I discovered that I need to also have a wheel bering (or something) replaced.

When my shiny Economic Stimulus Check arrived, I had grand plans of bucking the trend and deposited it into my savings account. Now the money will be used to make my car less noisy so I can hear the radio on which I just dropped $200-plus.

If you’re in need of $1,000, check out this contest that rewards you for creating the best smoothie ever.

Ultimate Smoothie Contest

You can enter at I can’t win, but you can!


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  1. Don’t feel alone – I had to spend my money on bills too and I had also planned on saving it 😦 I wish I had a good smoothie recipe but I’m afraid I’d spend way too much money in ingredients trying to come up with one.

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