Impressions at Night

City lights at night can make or break a city. Dim lighting hides what is dingy, dirty and degraded during the day, making nighttime stroll through the city enchanting, endearing and engaging. The Philadelphia skyline is beautiful. Not too tall and interesting enough to keep you interested. It masks the homeless men, curled up on stoops and over grates. Neon lights beckon you to the neighborhood bar which might look skeevy on the outside but is actually quite charming beyond the front door.

I lived outside D.C. for nearly three years and some of my favorite memories took place after dark. The Vietnam Memorial should only be experienced after twilight, when the dark shadows mingle with the spotlights to make the statues even more haunting.

As for the show:

  • Hal Sparks should cut his hair. But he’s dang funny.
  • Chris Bonno isn’t very funny. The local guy who opened/hosted was way funnier.
  • $4 is highway robbery for Michelob Ultra.

Papa John’s whole wheat pizza crust is delicious. Especially after two drinks at T.A. Flannery.


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