Defining Salad

This being my tenth day on the road, I decided to take it easy on my poor, overfed body and ordered the salad and baked potato combination for dinner at Bob Evans. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a “selectarian” and rarely eat meat (usually only at fine establishments like McDonalds or Taco Bell) and only eat eggs when mixed in something (like cakes). It’s a texture thing that I’ve been harassed about dealt with since childhood.

Heads up: most family dining establishments don’t offer a wide array of selectarian-friendly fare. And the veggie food they do offer usually is lacking in good nutrition, e.g. pasta alfredo, fried eggplant, grilled cheese.

Tonight’s salad featured three cups of lettuce mix (iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots and red cabbage), three grape tomatoes and a quarter cup of croûtons. I’m brutally blunt, so when the manager asked how everything was, I complimented the delicious ranch avocado dressing and then remarked that the salad was a little lacking. He looked at me like I had two heads. In Bob Evans wold, cucumbers, onions, peppers and cheese are delicacies to be used only for actors, dignitaries and royalty. Guess they don’t know I was the dairy queen.

But don’t worry, I finished off my healthy meal with a hot fudge sundae. I looove dairy!



  1. Caitlin Said:

    Ooooh, Pom! I am laughing right now, because although I eat meat, I am a HUGE fan of salad and can completely relate. When I say salad, I mean salad you can make a meal out of. Like, mmm, I went to my cousin’s house for dinner last night and we had some delicious grilled eggplant and a huge salad with all kinds of garden veggies, radishes, avocado, snowpeas, peppers, feta cheese, etc. mmmmmm! And every day for lunch, I eat baby greens with dried cranberries, feta cheese, and toasted almonds.

    Iceberg has no place in my life.


  2. Mmmm. Sundaes are good. I’m with you on the texture thing – my selectarianism isn’t quite as severe but I def can relate

  3. Clare Said:

    I just wrote about my own selectarianism… Bob Evans is most certainly not the most accommodating. Reminds me of the time I went to Quaker State and Lube and could ate two plates of nachos because they were the closest thing there was to salad.

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