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Cell Phone Calls

Unlike everyone else in my company fortunate enough to have a PDA, I have this dinosaur of a contraption that I have to carry in addition to my cell phone. It receives e-mails, yes, but only when you hit a button and the wind is right and all the stars are aligned. There is a phone function, but no voice plan, hence the need for a supplemental cell phone.

The T-Rex was resting in its nest, er cradle, atop my PC tower, when a chime drew my attention from my Google Reader. A phone call! On my PDA! Hark! Who could it be?

Not wanting my company to incur a huge bill for an unknown caller, I hit ignore and dialed the number from my desk phone.

“Hi! I think someone from this number just tried to call me?”

“It was an inmate at a correctional facility,” the man replied.

“Pardon me?” I’m trying to bring “Pardon” back.

“It was an inmate at a correctional facility,” he said.

The number popped up again and when I picked up the PDA, the battery popped out, ending the call and effectively resetting the device. Hope it wasn’t someone I know calling for bail.


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A Spoonful of Heaven

Today’s post is brought to you via Chop.Stir.Mix., where I contributed my first-ever guest post! Cass and AndreAnna started the food blog a couple months ago, but now they’re both focusing on growing their families and are looking for guest contributors so if you have any culinary ability at all, volunteer!

Want to learn how to make a breakfast dish that will fuel a hard-working Amishman but is gentle on the waistline? Please check out my recipe for Baked Oatmeal.

I have immense respect for food bloggers now. It’s HARD to juggle cooking and taking photos, much less some of these artistic food photos. I couldn’t imagine doing it with an open flame! Snaps to the bloggers participating in RA’s Whip it Up Challenge. I’m looking forward to this week’s vegetarian recipes.

What’s lost in your Vera Bradley?

I just sent the following e-mail to the IT guy at work.

Found the camera card! It was lost deep in the trenches of my Vera Bradley.

After I hit Send, I considered the possibility that he has no idea of what is a Vera Bradley. He’s probably scratching his head or busy jumping to conclusions.

Free Food Friday

Because I don’t have anything inspired to say today, I’ll be a good blogfriend and tell you how you can get a FREE Starbucks smoothie Friday or Saturday. Just go to your nearest Starbucks (provided it’s still open) and use your Starbucks rewards card to get a FREE Vivanno nourishing smoothie in either orange mango banana or banana chocolate.

Starbucks Smoothies

My birthday is coming up and I’ve already gotten coupons for free food from Qdoba, Dairy Queen, Red Robin, Hoss’s and Red Lobster. This seems to be more offers than last year so either these companies are marketing better or they’re trying to spur sales. Either way, my stomach thanks you (but my waist doesn’t!).

Opportunity Rings

Scene: In the mailroom. The door bell rings and my Ukrainian coworker announces the visitor.

U: There young man here for Jean.

Me: Is there a young man here for Pom?

U: Ah… Not that young. You date my son.

She’s Everywhere

During my recent (is it really recent if it was a month ago?) trip to Portland, Maine, I had not one but two brushes with fame.

The second came as my coworker and I were awaiting our return flight. We ran into a guy from the conference and as we began our conversation, he asked if we wanted to see someone famous.

Sitting directly behind us was Julianne Moore, her daughter and her friends (not her sisters, as I learned when I stuttered out the question as I passed by). I learned that she’s a normal person, who graciously fielded the sideways glances and outright stares. She kept her daughter entertained by crafting paper airplanes which were then taking off faster than the rain-delayed jets.

“You’ll never guess who I saw in the Portland airport,” I asked my friend over breakfast with a friend in Pittsburgh that weekend. “Julianne Moore!”

“Oh really?” Friend said. “Was she heading to Pittsburgh? Because she’s been filming a movie in my office building. On our floor. Everyone’s been freaking out about Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who i think looks like a dirty crackhead.”

More anecdotal stories followed about the filming of Shelter, including the outrage from West Virginia natives over the casting call for inbred, West Virginia mountain children. “Regular-looking children need not apply.

With her flawless skin, fully functioning appendages and petite stature, I’m pretty sure Julianne Moore isn’t playing an inbred mountain person.

Something Cool in the Heat Wave

Everyday is a struggle for me. I pass an ice cream shack that sells the most delicious hot fudge/peanut butter sundae over scoops of peanut butter cup-vanilla ice cream. I was weak, but part of 30 by 30 is giving up that creamy concoction.

However! July is National Ice Cream Month and according to Baskin-Robbins, National Ice Cream day is tomorrow (Saturday). I give you permission to celebrate with a dairy delicious treat. Ice cream calories don’t count on Ice Cream Day. Happy Ice Cream Day to moo!


At 11:10 a.m., I sent a virtual request to Prime County on Sirius. At 11:11 a.m., a young-sounding girl’s You Go First recorded request started to play. Her song? Fishin’ in the Dark by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. My song!

I should have been a DJ. Oh wait, I was.

Shiny New

Please tell me I’m not the only one that goes through weeks of boredom and then bam! There’s a week or so that’s fill with all kinds of shiny new THINGS that totally make you forget what a loser you were last week. Here’s what’s made my week sparkle:

  • Hersheypark on Tuesday with the nephew. He doesn’t get the concept of sitting down during rides. And he almost fell out of one of them. Whoops! We had so much fun on the water slides.
  • Things are going to be changing ’round these parts because I just won a superfab new blog design from the fabulous Jen at Jayesel. Thanks Janet for the heads up about the contest. I owe you!
  • I do have plans for this weekend now thanks to KTS. Her blog reminded me to volunteer for this weekend’s 20in24, a road race to benefit Philadelphia’s homeless. I recruited a couple sorority sisters and you can still help, too!
  • I had so much fun at happy hour last night that I came home and fell asleep promptly at 9:30. Do I know how to have a good time or what? For some reason I woke up at 3 a.m. and didn’t fall back asleep until 4:30. Did you know there’s nothing on TV at 4 a.m. if you don’t have cable? Is there anything on at 4 a.m. if you do have cable?
  • I went to a cool luncheon today with the founder of PR folks/journalists: Did you know about this service? Am I the last to the party, as usual? And speaking of last to the party, Peter inspired me to Twitter. Stalk Follow me at
  • Today was my friend Mel’s birthday! (Happy birthday, Mel!) She invited me out on her family’s boat to celebrate. It was amazing! Tonight’s sunset was spectacular over the Delaware River. Raindrops were falling on our heads as we floated into port and mosquitoes swarmed as we said goodbye in the parking lot but it was awesome none the less. I might get to go along next week for her sister’s birthday. Whee!

What shiny new things did you do this week? Or tell me something fun you have planned for the weekend.

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