Everybody Dies Famous In a Small Town

I’ve had my five minutes of fame on my hometown news station.


PS-Great song by Miranda Lambert!



  1. Caitlin Said:

    Yay! You are a-freakin-dorable, Pom!
    Watching this, I was like ‘Oh! Is she the pedestrian passing in front of the camera?” Is she Jodie? That has a “j”, it could be her. Is she Pam? Oh, Pam! That’s a “P’, that could be her.
    But then! There you were! You are lovely and have the most amazing skin & hair! Good job, you sounded like such a profesh!

  2. Jen Said:

    ooh that IS a good song! I heart Miranda Lambert. I saw her in concert last summer with Toby Keith, she was awesome.

  3. J P Said:

    @ Caitlin – You’re the biggest ego-booster ever. Thank you!
    @ Jen – I’ve loved Miranda for a long time. And I love that she’s dating Blake Shelton. Glad to hear she puts on a good show. I had a not-so-good experience with Toby a couple years ago. It’s not a good story but suffice it to say I will do my darndest to avoid contributing to his wealth in the future. 🙂

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