Boomer and the Bus

I do what I can to minimize my impact on our favorite planet Earth. I recycle; I reuse the blank side of copier paper; I don’t eat (much) meat (although that has nothing to do with saving the Earth but why not count it in my favor anyway); I use a power strip at work for my cell charger, PDA charger and printer; I turn the thermostat up in the Summer and down in the Winter.

Since I moved to Philadelphia, I’ve taken public transportation to work. No only does it save me a minimum of $7 in parking fees, but I also have about two hours each day of reading time. I’ve had a few interesting experiences but today I had TWO Tales from the SEPTA Trenches.

First, we were about 15 blocks from my office when a truck tried to squeeze by the bus as it was stopped to allow people to safely board and depart the bus and somehow the driver’s mirror was shattered. Traffic was snarled for a few minutes but a couple other buses were in line to pick up the abandoned riders.

Around 4:45, I was engrossed in my book when a sweet Southern drawl caught my ear.

“I love you but I don’t want you to waste your money on me, God bless your soul,” said the Boomer as she pushed him from the token box.

I don’t know if the two riders were together or whether he just took pity on her soul and was going to pay the fare that she was refusing to pay.

Seniors can ride SEPTA for free, but I guess she didn’t have her Medicare card ready at the wait. Boomer and the Driver bantered back and forth, each politely jabbing at each other in a very humorous fashion. (I give them credit, usually these encounters quickly dissolve into name calling and threats of police intervention.) She sat down and shuffled through a menagerie of grocery club cards, gift cards and the like.

“I found it!” she said as she held up her fists in triumph, in true Philly Rocky fashion. The riders – their audience – broke out into applause and the driver cracked a wide smile. Boomer took her bow and order was restored.

A couple blocks later, she bid us adieu. “Goodbye Everyone,” she said to the enchanted crowd as she made her way down the steps. And to all a good night.


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  1. Caitlin Said:

    LOVE this!

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