She’s Everywhere

During my recent (is it really recent if it was a month ago?) trip to Portland, Maine, I had not one but two brushes with fame.

The second came as my coworker and I were awaiting our return flight. We ran into a guy from the conference and as we began our conversation, he asked if we wanted to see someone famous.

Sitting directly behind us was Julianne Moore, her daughter and her friends (not her sisters, as I learned when I stuttered out the question as I passed by). I learned that she’s a normal person, who graciously fielded the sideways glances and outright stares. She kept her daughter entertained by crafting paper airplanes which were then taking off faster than the rain-delayed jets.

“You’ll never guess who I saw in the Portland airport,” I asked my friend over breakfast with a friend in Pittsburgh that weekend. “Julianne Moore!”

“Oh really?” Friend said. “Was she heading to Pittsburgh? Because she’s been filming a movie in my office building. On our floor. Everyone’s been freaking out about Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who i think looks like a dirty crackhead.”

More anecdotal stories followed about the filming of Shelter, including the outrage from West Virginia natives over the casting call for inbred, West Virginia mountain children. “Regular-looking children need not apply.

With her flawless skin, fully functioning appendages and petite stature, I’m pretty sure Julianne Moore isn’t playing an inbred mountain person.


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