Free Food Friday

Because I don’t have anything inspired to say today, I’ll be a good blogfriend and tell you how you can get a FREE Starbucks smoothie Friday or Saturday. Just go to your nearest Starbucks (provided it’s still open) and use your Starbucks rewards card to get a FREE Vivanno nourishing smoothie in either orange mango banana or banana chocolate.

Starbucks Smoothies

My birthday is coming up and I’ve already gotten coupons for free food from Qdoba, Dairy Queen, Red Robin, Hoss’s and Red Lobster. This seems to be more offers than last year so either these companies are marketing better or they’re trying to spur sales. Either way, my stomach thanks you (but my waist doesn’t!).



  1. Thanks for the tip – I want one!

  2. Nicole P. Said:

    The banana chocolate is my new favorite breakfast. I just downed one before stopping here to see that I could have gotten it free if I had a rewards card. Ah well. It was still delicious even though I had to pay for it!

  3. Caitlin Said:

    Mmm… thanks for the info! I haven’t tried the Vivannos yet. I’m intrigued.

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