A Spoonful of Heaven

Today’s post is brought to you via Chop.Stir.Mix., where I contributed my first-ever guest post! Cass and AndreAnna started the food blog a couple months ago, but now they’re both focusing on growing their families and are looking for guest contributors so if you have any culinary ability at all, volunteer!

Want to learn how to make a breakfast dish that will fuel a hard-working Amishman but is gentle on the waistline? Please check out my recipe for Baked Oatmeal.

I have immense respect for food bloggers now. It’s HARD to juggle cooking and taking photos, much less some of these artistic food photos. I couldn’t imagine doing it with an open flame! Snaps to the bloggers participating in RA’s Whip it Up Challenge. I’m looking forward to this week’s vegetarian recipes.



  1. Caitlin Said:

    I just went over and read your post – AWESOME job! I was cracking up too, with your hilarious commentary. I especially like the Spicy comment at the end.
    Perfect! Now I am off in search of some oatmeal. Seriously, I can practically smell this hearty goodness. Mmmmm, cinnnaaaaammmoooonnnnn……

  2. Quirky Said:

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by today…
    I can’t wait to try the oatmeal!
    I look forward to having another fun blog to read 🙂

  3. Pocklock Said:

    I totally love all the photos in that post! You did a GREAT job!

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