On a Jet Plane

I’m leaving tomorrow for a week-long business/pleasure trip to Chicago so not only will posting be light to non-existent for the next week, but now is the time to brag about Shytown. Please share your favorite parts of Chicago. What’s the one (or 10) thing I need to do while I’m there? Thanks!



  1. Quirky Said:

    Must go to Frontera Grill or Topolobampo (right next door to each other) on North Clark Street. Rick Bayless’s food is AMAZING!

  2. Caitlin Said:

    Hooray! Here’s my usual rundown of the places to go.

    If you want pizza, go to Pequodsto avoid the crowds slamming the usual downtown spots like Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s.

    If you want delicious beer with a menu of beer selections several pages long, hit up The Hopleaf in *my* neighborhood, Andersonville (be aware it gets really busy, but there’s an upstairs bar and a patio). The bartenders, I find, are always willing to help you make selections and help you discover something new. The Map Room in Bucktown is another good solution for good beer.

    If you’re looking for a true cocktails and night-on-the-town kind of experience, try The Violet Hour, which is hidden with plywood like an old-fashioned speakeasy in Wicker Park. The drinks are $11/each, but FABULOUS because the “mixologists” obviously know what they’re doing. They do expect you to be slightly dressed up here, and it’s a bit more of a scene than the usual Chicago spots.

    Or, if you want to do the Hancock thing, I always suggest making a stop at the Signature Room’s cocktail lounge instead. The drinks maybe kind of pricey, but at least you get to sit and admire the view with a drink instead of paying however much to stand around an observatory deck, right?

    …I swear I do more in Chicago than drink and eat pizza. It’s just that that is what Chicago does really well…

  3. Nicole P. Said:

    I must agree that Pequod’s pizza is awesome. Oh how I miss Chicago pizza (my waist-line does not miss it, however). Find a restaurant or bar with outdoor seating and people-watch, it’s the best.

  4. Pocklock Said:

    I’ve never been there! AM JEALOUS! Have fun!

  5. Janet Said:

    Wish I could go! I’ve never been!

    Hope you have a wonderful time.

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