And! OMFG! Jonas Brothers! Squee!!!

Oh y’all. I’m totally going to Hell for what I did tonight.

I lied to multiple tweens. And they believed me. But it was for their own good.

If you set up a booth to promote nature’s most nearly perfect food, teenyboppers will think everything on said booth is affiliated with/touched by/beloved/former property of the Jonas Brothers. So when girls started asking questions like, “Did the Jonas Brothers touch this lip gloss?” I had no choice but to reply yes.

And then I might have said yes, I did meet the Jonas Brothers. No, I didn’t get their autographs. But one did kiss me. Which one? Umm… NIck! Yes. Definitely Nick. What? He’s only 15? Uh, it was on the cheek. Seriously. (Girls, I’m sorry. Everything unrelated to my job was a lie. Don’t hate me.)

And the screaming. Oh the screaming. They JBs did meet-and-greets in a little room a couple hundred feet for us. Every time the door opened and the girls caught a glimpse of a moving body inside the room, the building erupted in an ear-splitting squeal.

And then my coworker was trampled in the mob’s quest to see Demi someone walk down the hallway.

Please tell me I never acted like that.

(However, my colleague, once she pieced herself back together, sent me home with 2 pounds of cheese. Party at my house!)



  1. I think I might have acted that ridiculous about NKOTB. I hope not but I might have …

    what a cool job you have!!

  2. dalemackeown Said:

    heh so yesterday, I completely showed How Out Of The Loop I Am when I asked a friend of mine: Who are the Jonas Brothers? Apparently I need to start paying attention more. heh.

  3. Jen Said:

    okay so I think I just commented, but it disappeared…?? that dalemackeown comment was from me- heh. I was still logged into my grandfather’s blog, I’ve been helping set one up for him 🙂 Whooo! TOO MUCH WORDPRESS FOR ME. lol

  4. Quirky Said:

    I seriously don’t understand what the attraction is… they aren’t even very good! I was just at the market and a song was playing over the PA; I naturally started bopping along to the beat as I made my way down the aisle. I thought it was a girl band. And then a little girl with her mom pointed out, “Mom! It’s the Jonas Brothers!” UGH!

  5. Nicole P. Said:

    I’m proud to say that while I’ve heard their name, I can’t pick them out of a line up and haven’t heard any of their music. I LOVE that you lied to the freaky pre-teen girls. It was really a win-win situation. You were entertained and they had a brush with fame.

  6. Vanessa Said:

    That’s really funny. I was a squealy tweeny bopper for nsync about 10 years ago… oh the shame 🙂 My brother told me he got their autograph for me at the macys thanksgiving day parade once, and then proceeded to tell me he lost it. Needless to say, i was a wreck. To this day he says it is a true story but i still have my suspicions…

  7. Jessica Said:

    That’s awesome I would have had to tell them to shut the hell up eventually with the screaming. The Jonas boys are kind of cute though.

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