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Something Cool in the Heat Wave

Everyday is a struggle for me. I pass an ice cream shack that sells the most delicious hot fudge/peanut butter sundae over scoops of peanut butter cup-vanilla ice cream. I was weak, but part of 30 by 30 is giving up that creamy concoction.

However! July is National Ice Cream Month and according to Baskin-Robbins, National Ice Cream day is tomorrow (Saturday). I give you permission to celebrate with a dairy delicious treat. Ice cream calories don’t count on Ice Cream Day. Happy Ice Cream Day to moo!


Irony in Motion

As I participated in the Dash for Organ Donor Awareness yesterday, my observant olfactory glands caught a whif of unpleasant second-hand smoke. Thanks for poisoning my lungs at a transplant fund-raiser, jackhole.

Before the 5K kicked off, the announcer wished a happy 21st birthday to a liver transplant recipient who’s had the liver for 19 years. I turned to my friend M and asked if liver transplant recipients celebrate that birthday in the traditional way.

PS-The “dash” was more likeĀ a crawl. It took me twice as long to complete the 3K walk as it did to run the 5K earlier that morning. But it was fun, and for a good cause.